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Take a look at the world around you, it is very important to understand how toxic our world really is. The fact is that we are full of toxins, from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food that we eat, we are constantly putting toxins in our bodies. The problem is that we can’t see these toxins. However, you know the toxins are there and you know they can cause severe health problems. According to researchers, approximately 60 to 80 percent of cancers are the result of the poor air quality we breathe, the chemicals in our water, the hormones, pesticides and food additives we consume. Researchers always on the look out to try and reverse the affects of a toxic body. The absolute truth is that natural and preventative wellness can eliminate most of the toxin build up in our bodies that cause you to be sick. The following are health problems that arise when a body is full of toxin build up.

DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS:  There are many different symptoms of an unhealthy digestive track including constipation, diarrhea and Irritated Bowl Syndrome. The affects are but not limited to nausea, anxiety, headaches, bad breath, poor appetite, excessive cravings for sugary foods and skin problems. Colon cancer is in second place to lung cancer killing millions of people every year!

​​IMMUNE SYSTEM:  Toxins can and will change the structure and function of every cell in your body, because of this you are much more likely to have health problems. Because the cells are not functioning properly you will tend to get sick more often. The common cold, viruses and all around poor health are all signs of a weakened Immune System.

​​OBESITY:  People who have high levels of toxins in their bodies tend to be obese. Obesity can accrue, because fat cells act as a storage unit, storing harmful toxins making it hard to lose weight. This type of obesity is also known as Toxic Obesity. In extreme cases of Toxic Obesity, when a individual begins to lose weight the toxins begin to circulate and release at times causing the person to not feel well. It’s important to know that this is a completely normal process and to stick with it and you will begin to feel amazing. Common signs of detoxifying, can be sweating, a sense of weakness or frustration.

BODY ODOR:  While many people think that body odor is natural, the fact is that body odor can be a sign of other issues and one of them is a toxic overload in your body. Perspiration is generally odorless, but when mixed toxic's and bacteria, it can cause a fowl odor. Keep in mind that body odor can be something more serious, like kidney and liver disease. So if odor is persistent after detoxing be sure to check with your Doctor.​


It is very important to educate yourself and to become more aware of the world around and within you. Education and awareness are the keys to success. Once you become familiar with how your body works in comparison to how the world works you will be able to find a balance and live a life of longevity and abundance.

We here at Gentle Waters Detox  wish you the best on your path to wellness.
     Cathrine Oclassen and Staff

Disclaimer: The Colon Hydrotherapists at Gentle Waters Detox are not doctors and are not practicing medicine.  We do not diagnose or treat illness and we do not prescribe any medicine.  All Colon Hydrotherapists at Gentle Waters Detox  work in accordance with California Senate Bill 577, Section 2053.6.
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